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DualForce™ Active-Wedges

DualForce™ Active-Wedges

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DualForce™ Active-Wedges actively engage the matrix band and adjacent tooth. Active-Wedges are designed to easily glide into position with a collapsing tip that re-opens once fully placed. The unique

Active-Wedge contour and strong internal spine places significant force on the matrix band to seal margins, eliminating overhangs and preventing composite flash – translating to less finishing time.


Ideal contour to provide matrix/wedge/tooth seal to minimize flash and eliminate overhangs

Collapsing tip for easy placement, rebounds when fully seated – preventing back-out

Provides 2lbs of separation force

Strong internal spine creates tooth separation, increases seal at proximal box

Notched handle to match cotton pliers

Available in 5 ISO color coded sizes, including #5 “Deep Seal” Wedge

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