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Final Shine Cotton Polishing Wheels

Final Shine Cotton Polishing Wheels

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Final Shine Cotton Polishing Wheels are made from ultra-soft cotton fibers that are bundled together to form a thick latch-driven applicator for aluminum oxide and ceramic polishing pastes. Polishing paste actually becomes incorporated within the fibers of the Final Shine Cotton Polishing Wheel, minimizing splatter while keeping the paste against the surface of the restoration, as well as hard to access occlusal topography and interproximal surfaces for a quick and efficient final polishing step.



To further minimize splatter, smear a thin film polishing paste onto the dry surface of the restoration with a gloved finger.

Final Shine’s fleece-like design will not harm the surface or diminish the existing shine, while keeping the attached metal mandrel at a safe distance from the composite or ceramic surface. It will not damage soft tissue or induce bleeding.

Using light pressure and low RPMs (approx. 6000), work the paste into the restoration using a circular motion for 20-30 seconds ensuring that there is sufficient polishing paste on the Final Shine Cotton Polishing Wheel.

Use with virtually any brand of polishing paste.

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