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Cialegese CM1 Single-Side Mirror + Endo Gauge 75%

Cialegese CM1 Single-Side Mirror + Endo Gauge 75%

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This is the basic mouth mirror that every clinic needs

Two sizes: No.4 and No.5

CR99 Two kinds of reflectivity mirror 

The anti-fog coating of Cialegese's front surface mirror is resistant to steam sterilizers.

The Ultra high definition mirror has an average reflectivity of 75%, and its brightness is 40% more than rhodium mirror.

Cialegese's mirror has a reflective coating on the front surface and is anti-fogging, with a scratch-resistant hardness of 9H and good chemical resistance.

Cialegese's products and packaging are produced from recyclable materials. We do our best to protect the environment

Can be used for hot water cleaning equipment.

Cialegese's handle and mirror can be steam sterilized in autoclave (maximum temperature is 275° F / 135° C) more than 1000 times.

Endo-Gauge increases work efficiency

Color Code Management.

Pack of 6 mirror's. 

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