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DualForce™ Molar Rings

DualForce™ Molar Rings

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DualForce™ Molar Rings

Engineered using unique, dual Nickel Titanium wires and independent interproximal separators, DualForce provides significant and balanced separation force (mesial/distal) and an excellent matrix/tooth seal. Using Nickel Titanium wire renders the DualForce Rings resistant to fatigue so you will have consistent separation force throughout the life of the ring.

*DualForce Rings engage the tooth more firmly and are very stable

*Less hand strain is required to open the rings, yet separation force on the teeth is stronger

*20° angle placement of Ring increases separation force and prevents cusp and rubber dam clamp interference


*Interproximal separators are made with non-stick, durable plastic – preventing composite and adhesive stick, and breakage


Ideal for stacking or butterfly placement techniques

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